What do you mean by business?


Business is an enterprise entity who deals with industrial, commercial or professional activities. They are of two types of it. One is involved in profit-making and other is no- profit organization. Non- profit organization are those who deal with a charitable mission and other social cause. Profit-making is the main goal of business by selling goods and services.

One of the most profit-making forms of business organization is the corporative sector.

What is a corporation?

The corporation is a business organization which have different legal personality. This means corporation business is termed as a different person from its owner, means the owner and its business are two different personalities or person. They have many shares and the person who has shares (shareholders) are the owner of the business. Shareholders have limited liability and also limited involvement in the company’s operation. There is the board of director (BOD), who has been elected from the shareholders. The board of director is most superior in the company and controls all the activities and operation which take place within the company. This form of business has to be registered under the business activity.

So if you want to earn more profit you know which form of business you have to go in.

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